Saturday, March 24, 2012

The next volume of Jesse and Lois,  white servant couple to 
a giant black sports millionaire at Obeah Estates! 
 Plus a short 8 pic story entitled Mandingo Beach Ballbusters starring Club
Mandingo's own Beach boy, Timmy

Friday, October 22, 2010

Bikini Beach Teasers and Blue Balls!

Welcome to Club Mandingo
BlackMasters, femdom cuckolding and humiliation!

Chastity belts and blue balls are a fact of life
on Mandingo Beach!

Many wives  only allow their husband to come along if the key is
left at home!

But a single white boy must check for the Queen of Spades or other Black-only flags
the teasing temptresses wear to avoid embarassment!

      Which is not to say the BBC loving beauties don't enjoy showing their flags
after a poor boy makes a fool of himself and makes his pitch.

In fact the buxom ballbusters at Club Mandingo love it when white boys
buy them drinks while theyr'e waiting for the black soldiers to come off duty!

And it takes a special young man who can  appreciate a girl who
lets him buy her drinks and then goes off with a black stud!

And the Mandingo Club only allows guests who accept the rules and know their place.

And only the special boys are allowed to work at the Club!

Blackowned Wives, Giant Black Bulls and sissified
chastity belted hubbies!

Slutwives and Sissyboiz! Illustrated Stories!

There is a lot of crossover between interracial cuckolding and femdom
along with feminization and sissy training!

So when my stories reached a certain number I had to create a separate site for
the feminization stories people kept demanding.
 And that led to gay interracial bondage/romance comix!

And finally teen cd/shemale  fantasy romance illustrated stories!

cd tgyrl ladyboy Blackbulls/shemale romance

Blackowned wife sizequeens and sissyboy comix.

Dommy Mommies and Sissy Boys
Forced Fem Pants to Panties Illustrated stories!
cd tgyrl ladyboy Blackbulls/shemale romance

Buxom Ballbusters Illustrated Stories
BlackMasters, femdom cuckolding!

Blackowned Wives, Giant Black Bulls and sissified
chastity belted hubbies!

Creampies, pantypudding, comix.videos. Cuckold creamies!

Femdom/fm  Facesitting Smother Videos.personals.comix

Femdom F/fm toiletslave illustrated stories
Home of Audrey, Lesbian toon painpig/ toiletslut extraordinaire.
Videos.comix.forums.stories of Bondage Femdom toiletslavery

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